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    ePO Automation




      I would like to create an automatic ePO response to move the machine with "xxx" numbers of threat events. Take some actions (like custom ODS),  and move back these machines.


      I need to know how can I create a query based on sum of  "number of Threat Events" ?


      Any ideia will be very appreciated!


      ePO 4.6.1


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          You should be able to use the canned report "Total Threat Events in EPO Database". I'm on 4.6 so it may not be available in other versions, if not here are the requirements:


          Result Type:  Threat Events

          Chart Type: Pie chart

          Labels Are: Event description - value (Descending)

          Pie Slices Value: Number of Threat Events

          Columns:  Customize to your liking

          Filter: No filter if you want all events or customize by events received time and date.


          - Stephen