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    False positive - Artemis!8BFF6B412045 Launcher.exe Brawl Busters

      Since my game as made an update, McAfee detected the launcher.exe as a trojan Artemis!8BFF6B412045, and suppress it.

      I try to send it with Mcafee progr. but can't reach. Even if i re-download, mcafee instently erase it!


      I'm sure it's a false positive, and without this file i can't lauch my program.

      I'am not the only one in this situation, other have same problem, with other anti-virus (like this [url='http://www.brawlbusters.com/forum#5315 '] Post [/url] ).


      How could I obtain that McAfee would move forward on this topic as I need this software urgently?


      Thanks in advance for your help!