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    Installing extensions silently



      We are deplying ePO 4.6.1 silently. We would very much like to install the policy extension for VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0, so that our .xml policies may be added using the Web API.

      Is there a way to install these without using the console, i.e. during installtime.



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          Don't quite understand. How many ePO servers are you deploying?

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            Well, we use one per domain. We install systems for shorttime use, and we want the same result/settings each time. Today we use selenium to automate the configuration of policies and such.


            With the WebAPI we can import .xml policies for our only managed product, VSE 8.8. But to import these policies, the extension included with the VSE 8.8 must be installed manually into ePO first.


            The question is, can we install this extension(VIRUSCAN8800(191).zip) automatically into ePO somehow?

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              I've gone through full webAPI list and there isn't any commands for checking in extensions.


              It's a long shot (and very theoretical) and would require testing in an test environment. Technically ALL transactions to ePO are basically URL calls.


              If you could work out what the URL is to load an extension the it would be possible to script it and call it with a WGET or something like that.

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                there is a cunning and devious way to achieve this during install...


                there are some built in Extensions (EPOAGENTMETA.zip and SIARevocation.zip) in the ePO install media which get copied into the dir


                <install dir>\ePolicy Orchestrator\Extensions during install..


                if you drop your additional extensions into the \Extensions dir, they will get imported about 3/4 of the way through the install.