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    Lost Vault Data?

      Two days ago McAfee pushed out the wrong software to my computer, reinstalling the product I had last month before upgrading to Total Protection.  I phoned McAfee Support and was walked through the process of uninstalling the wrong software, and downloading and installing the new software.


      While uninstalling the old software, McAfee support told me that the Vault info would automatically be saved.  Then a screen came up asking how we wanted to handle the Vaults, and we selected the “I will Backup” option.  I backed up the files from one Vault, hit continue, and remembered about two other vaults.  There was no way to stop the process before it was past the vaults and onto the next step of uninstalling the incorrect software. 


      McAfee Support said they needed to talk to their manager about how to restore the Vaults, the manager was gone, and they would call back in a few hours.  I advised either a call or email would be fine.  It is now two days later and I have not had any further communication from McAfee. 


      After the incorrect software was uninstalled the correct product, McAfee Total Protection, was downloaded and installed.  Now when I click on the “View Vaults” option, I get the pop up asking me to create answers to security questions. I do not want to go any further until I know if there is an option to access my lost Vault data. 


      Can anyone help me find/restore my lost Vault data?

      Thank You. 


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