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    Mobile Security - invalid phone number; issue still not resolved

      Well it would appear as though after the initial response, their optimism was overly premature and the issue has not been resolved - however had to create a new discussion thread here and not continue on with the previous one as it was now locked :|


      Anyhow, so as this thread says (https://community.mcafee.com/message/229378#229378) the MobileSecurity app that I have purchased is not working for me, as I am unable to enter my phone number in the user section of McAfee where I purchased the product - as it says it is invalid.


      I have logged into my McAfee account using my email which I used to purchase the product via the http://home.mcafee.com site and the same error is raised.

      When I do the following:

      View Purchased Products
      Select "Add Phone" on the product (I have only one product listed; which is the Mobile Security product
      Select "New Zealand" from the drop down list
      Enter my phone number (which is 11 digits long "XXX-XXX-XXXXX where the first 2 digits are the provider/network for example 021, 022, 027 etc). I have also tried the same number albeit with the leading zero removed. This did not work either.

      The message raised is "Please Enter a Valid Phone Number"


      If I go to the Android Market I can download and install the app; however get the following message when trying to authenticate using the same email address as my McAfee login and the password (which I have confirmed numerous times is correct):

      McAfee Security
      Authentication failure. Please enter correct account credentials and try again

      Pressing OK takes me back to the password section for the email address.


      When I go to the m.mcafeemobilesecurity site; I can download it (although it takes me back to the market place to continue on as above; so doesn't work either). If I tried to log in at this site using my same email address and either my normal password it never lets me in. Incorrect email/pin/password? Who knows, it just keeps taking me round in circles


      I have removed the app off my phone until further notice. From my perspective the easiest way should be entering my phone number via the McAfee account page, however there is obviously something wrong here - most likely that the interface is expecting a smaller number of numbers for a phone number.


      I am going on holiday now until next week and it would have been nice to take my phone with me; however without this app working I don't want to take the risk so will have to leave it at home. This really shouldnt be this hard - maybe it is something I have done, maybe it isn't; but either way I am incredibly disappointed in how difficult this process has been.

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          I've alerted Dinz for you, sorry he must have thought everything was solved.   Unfortunately I can't merge threads so he'll continue here.

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            Hi e3xtc,

            Well unfortunately this time the problem is with the backend, and engineering team has been requested to fix it at the earliest .

            Technical details : The problem now is the limitation of digits for New Zealand. The correct digit parameter should have been 12 digits however, when we reviewed the code from the backend it is only allowing up to 11 digits. We have requested our Engineering department to do the needed server update to allow you to add the appropriate number.


            Please check your email as the concerned technician has emailed you earlier with these details , sorry that its taking sometime , but this should be fixed with a week .