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    How to record a global allow traffic on my MWG 7.x?

      Hi everybody,


      I would like to know how to enable log records for a global allow policy on my MWG?


      Just to explain a little bit how does my configuration is; basically the first policy that I have on my MWG is one that i named "Global exceptions" for those who manage WebWasher version 6.X.X this is having the same function as a "ICAP bypass"; well that policy has inside a couple of rules.


      1- Allow all.

      2- Block all.


      This means that all URL that I add to the list on my policy will be skip for the rest of engines on my MWG (for block is in the opposite way) and will do a proxy bypass, at this point this rule is working properly but now i do not find the way to perform a rule to record all that traffic.


      CAn you please help me on that?  I will appreciate your inputs.



      If you need further info please let me know.