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    Product Update client task log file


      We have a Product Update client task to update the DAT files on our workstations. We have the AutoUpdate task disabled via policy, however I noticed that there is a log file generated for the AutoUpdate task if it is manually run (%DEFLOGDIR%\UpdateLog.txt). I wanted to know if there is someplace in the policies (I tried looking through all of them) where I can set the location of the log file for our Product Update client task. If you look under <taskname>  ->  properties in the VSE console, the log file location is grayed out, and I would like to be able to set a location for our update task log file so that I can troubleshoot when updates fail. Using the AutoUpdate task to update our workstations will not work because we have to schedule and manage when our workstations update themselves, and using client tasks is the most elegant way of managing this (different times, locations, etc). Anybody know the answer?


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