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    Mcshield.exe - Application Error Popup

      Running 8.7i, todays dat, EPO on XP SP2 - I have 2 computers with the same issue.

      McAfee McShield service fails to start.

      Popup is: The instruction at 0x00409f5f referenced memory at 0x00000014. The memory could not be read.

      Application Log: 5019 Error

      Exception Code: 0xc0000005
      Exception Address: 0x00409f4f
      Exception Parameters: 2
      Param 1 = 00000000
      Param 2 = 0x00000014

      More information:
      Exception in memory scanner thread.

      Problem: McAfee corrupt driver.

      1) control panel- uninstall VSE
      2) Go to device manager - show all hidden deviced- uninstall all Mcafee drivers as well as the drivers in yellow color ( problem drivers)
      3) Uninstall agent ( frminst /forceuninstall )
      4) Delete all Mcafee registry entries
      Reinstall VSE- It will be installed succesfully.

      Pushed back down agent, and problem comes back. Problem is coming from EPO server. Contacting McAfee support for more help.
      I am up to 5 PC's with the same problem now! Looking for help.
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          Did you scan the system already?
          I have the same issue on a system where I don't have the ePO agent installed yet...
          Currently working on it :(

          and.. Are you using the latest EPO patches? (Patch 4 already)
          • 2. 0x00409f5f
            I also have the same issue on 0x00409f5f. Client XP SP2. ePO 4.0 with patch 3. VSE 8.7i.

            I am downloading patch 4 to see if that helps.
            I may also try to go to SP3 for XP, but this client is tied to some machinery so I am not sure if that is the best thing for me at the moment.

            did you recieve any feedback from McAfee yet?
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              I had this issue on 4 diffent systems and .. Each of these had been infected by the Conficker/b virus. (detected but unremovable for McAfee scan).

              I used the Microsoft (yes - those guys :p)null Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove the problem after which the system worked fine again.

              SO... Regardless of the Error: Click on the McAfee Icon and start a full system scan (this will work!!)