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    Host Detection via duplicate MAC Address



      I am using ePO 4.6, I want to get the list of the host entry having duplicate MAC address.




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          Playing around with the idea of building a query for duplicate Mac address and so far "duplicate" is only offered on System Name. So perhaps a workaround would be to build a query that displays the Mac address and export out as a csv file.  At that point you can filter for dup's...Just a thought..

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            Another idea is build this report:


            1. Click Menu, Reporting, Queries.
            2. Click New Query.
            3. Click System Management, Managed Systems and click Next.
            4. Select Single Group Summary Table for Display Results As.
            5. In the Labels Are: drop-down list, select MAC Address under Computer Properties , click Next, and then click Next again.
            6. Click Managed State under Managed Systems, select Equals from Comparison drop-down list, and select Managed from Value drop-down list.
            7. Click Run.


            This will produce a report of MAC address by count.  The majority should all be 1, and thus, not important to your troubleshooting.  Anything 2 or greater you can click on the MAC and get a list of the computers, which you cna then export.