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    Auto renew scam

      This week they auto-renewed me on a service I canceled two years ago.  I called and got them to credit back the charge; within an hour later they put it through again!  I contacted CS to ask for an explanation on this, but they don't seem eager to get back to me.  It certainly gives the appearance that they push these things through in the hope that people won't notice the charges. 


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          Do you have any service request numbers from your last interaction so that we could investigate on why this charged happened. Hope you are using the home version of McAfee programs ??




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            No, it's a business product.  I have a case number...have e-mailed twice, with no response.

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              Hi there,


              As per your information, I understand that you are using corporate products and you were in touch with our McAfee Home User customer service department. They will not be able to access your account information under our database so I kindly request you to contact our corporate customer service department in order to resolve your issue.
              I have sent you a private message on this board with the next course of action for your refund . Please click on the option Your stuff at the top if this page and select Private message to access the Private message that I sent you.




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                Thanks Dinz, but I have indeed been in touch with Corporate Support.  Was told on Friday that a "supervisor" would contact me to explain what's going on, but nobody has done so yet.  I wonder why?

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                  Hi Tob,


                  I had sent this to our executive team who confirmed that our corporate personnel’s had been in contact with you  today as their order was refunded .Also,  that the old grant is opted out of auto renewal now, Could you please confirm if you have any other issues with regards to it.



                  Happy to assist.

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