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    Permissions sets and Queries


      Hello Ladies/Gents,

      After using ePO and associated products for quite some time I'm now taking my first dive into permissions sets. I'd like to grant certain business users access to ePO in the form of a specific query (DLP reporting in this case) without giving them access to any other part of ePO.


      I've created a Shared Group under queries which is only visible to members of a specific permission set. I've edited the permission set so the only permissions are for the public queries within ePO.


      When logging in as a test user for this permission set, I can correctly only see the query which I want to see... which is brilliant, however when running the query I get the following error:



      The query "DLP Events - Report" is in an invalid state.

      • Authorization to access a required table was denied.
      • Authorization to access a required table was denied.


      The query runs fine as my global administrator account, what further steps do I need to take to have this working?


      I realise that I can schedule emailed versions of this report to the business users - but I want to give them visibility over things such as stored evidence which requires access direct to the query in ePO. (I think!)