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    Can't get rid of pop up box that says "Try Secure Search . . . "

      I am getting a red, white and black McAfee pop up box that is very annoying. I click "finish" to get rid of it and 15 seconds later it pops up again. The text of the box is as follows:



      "Try secure search and click with more confidence. Secure search is a free enhancement to your site advisor software.


      Risky sites are blocked. You search safer.


      Address typos are corrected. You search safer


      Secure Search - More protection, less worry


      Activate Secure search on your browser. (Recommended)




      Next to "Activate Secure search on your browser. (Recommended) there is a box to check. I've tried checking it and I've tried leaving it unchecked. It does not matter. The box keeps popping back up.



      Can anyone advise me on how to get rid of it?



      Thanks in advance!!