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    Standalone Backup??

      Is there any way I can still get a copy of the standalone backup program??

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          No, sorry, not here anyway.  It was discontinued over 2 years ago.


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            Is there any other way to recover files that were stored with the backup system?  The files I want to recover are in a a backup set that had encription and compression turned on.



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              I'll have to ask my McAfee contacts, I'll get back to you.


              The standalone restore tool was taken offline for copyright reasons I believe but I may be able to lay my hands on it.


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                I combed my archived backups on my external drives and found it I think, I hope!!


                Try it and let me know.   Windows may warn you it's unsafe, I assure you it's fine.

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                  These are the instructions that went with it from a now-defunct FAQ:


                  McAfee Data Back-up is not compatible with Windows 7** and above, therefore the product is no longer included in any protection packages.


                  If your previous backups were performed with the default McAfee Backup and Restore encryption and compression settings disabled, these files are directly accessible to you on any Windows computer, including Windows 7. You can download this standalone utility from the below link and install in an XP or Vista machine and restore the files then later you can transfer them to the Windows 7 PC.


                  See file attached at the bottom of this post.


                  This standalone utility functions the same way as the version of the product included with McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection.


                  Following installation, launch the McAfee Backup and Restore utility on the Windows XP or Vista machine and do the following:


                     1. On the Missing Files tab at the bottom of the screen, click Browse, then navigate to the location where the archive is stored.


                        NOTE: Archived folder names have the following format:




                            * ddmmyy is the date on which the files were archived

                            * hh-mm-ss is the time on which the files were archived

                            * *** is either Full or Inc, depending on whether a full or quick archive was performed


                     2. Select the most recent dated folder with an F in the folder file name, and then click OK. Files contained in the selected location appear in the Missing Files list, ready to be restored.


                     3. If you want all files to be restored, click Restore All. Otherwise, select the individual files you want restored.


                  **Windows 7 has its own Data Backup software, see: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/features/backup-and-restore.aspx

                  The link referred to is in my previous post.   I did try installing this on my Vista x64 machine and it works fine, even has encryption settings, so appears to be a clone of the previous software.   The only thing it made me do was install .net 1.1, no problem.  I have since uninstalled both but I needed to check if it worked and it does, although I have no backups made with it in order to fully test it.




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                    Thanks a million for the effort.  The utility installed just fine, I could see my backup sets the first time I ran the program, bu now when I try to run it it never comes up.  I don't get any errors and if I "CTL-ALT-DEL" and look at the processes in the Task Mangler "McAfeeDataBackup.exe" looks to be active but the window never comes up any more.

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                      Try ending that Task and then calling it up.


                      I've never used it so really am not sure why this would happen unless it's a one-use only thing, although I hardly think so.   If the worst comes to the worst uninstall it and try again.


                      I think it was designed to retrieve backups only and then the intent was for you to use something else from then on.


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                        As the old FAQ for this tool states:


                        Data Backup and Restore McAfee users have until Dec 31, 2010 to use the standalone link above for the sole purposes of restoring files which were previously backed up using the Data Backup & Restore component. 

                        I think it's geared for a one operation only - restore old backups and that's it.


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