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    New Admin coming from SmartFilter



      I am the Network admin in a California School District. We recently migrated from SmartFilter Bess over to Web Gateway (latest build). There are some features that I used often in SmartFilter that are not readily available in Web Gateway. For example, in our blocked pages in SmartFilter, there were three option when presented with a block page; 1) submit site review request, 2)  temporarily override filter,3) go back using your browser back button (not important). I was able to incorporate the submit site review from another posting with the SiteReview 3.0 files (THANK YOU!).


      My main issue is that I would like to add "temporarily override filter" function to my block page; it would email me whenever the block page was override. The Authorize Override does not work well - I need a link on the blocked page to it maybe(?). I am asking if anyone is Familiar with this function and if it is possible in Web Gateway.


      Thank you,


      J Suboh

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          This is how the Override link should work for my needs (see below):


          Ideal Block Page.bmp

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            I would gentle like to ask again. Is it possible to add the temporarily override filtering function?


            Thank you,


            Jahad Suboh

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              There is an Authorized Override rule set in the Rules Library that will provide this functionality.

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                I have seen that rule, however from my understanding is that rule relys on categories placed in the Blocked for Authorized Override category container; I would like a link on the blocked page itself to override any blocked page. In my organization all users (including myself) are blocked under the same policy, however as the admin, I would like to unblock a page to review the site (from a site review request, for example). I had the McAfee Professional Service person set up the Authorized Override rule but I have to have categorigies for this rule which directs users to the credential website instead of maintaining the blocked page with a link to the override page. With SmartFilter, all blocked pages provided a link to override the block page such as in my screen shoot above.


                Thank you for replying by the way,


                Jahad Suboh


                on 2/24/12 11:28:50 AM CST


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                  The only difference between the old SmartFilter link page and the new MWG Authorized Override is that a username and password comes up on the first block page.

                  Functionally, it's the same beyond that once a user has been entered.


                  The challenge is that going to a second page looses the state of the first, so it doesn't know where you originally came from or what you are trying to unblock. The fundamental difference is MWG looks at all data going through it for malware scanning. SmartFilter just looked at the request going out and the traffic returned did matter. Now that MWG is inline, the session state becomes more important and a block could occur, based on the content coming back.


                  Anything beyond the scope what authorized override does might be possible, however, it would require a bit of customization to acheive the same affect.

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                    Thank you again for your reply. I understand your answer in regards to that the user name and password comes up first with MWG Authorized Override. My problem is that I want to avoid that (my users are young children and teachers and are used to seeing the blocked page and not seeing the username and password page - they get confused easily, telling them to use their name and password for this but not for that), instead I would like SmartFilter's functionality.  Currently I have Authorized Override disabled, so when site review comes in, I either have to whitelist my IP or white list the site to review the site which is a bit cumbersome.


                    On a separate note, I already applied the Site Review request which functions just like SmartFilter's form and emails me the request from the MWG appliance server - I even modified it a bit to include an inputed email address.


                    Do you have any recommendation on where I can find resources or who I can contract to acheive the desired affect?



                    Thank you,


                    Jahad Suboh


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                      Here's an idea you might want to consider. If you are any good with HTML and javascript, perhaps you could collapse the username/password form down to a collapsible <SPAN> on the same page, and when you click the link it triggers expansion on the bottom of the same page?


                      I hope you understand what I mean.

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                        Here's a quick test of what I was talking about.

                        I took the basic authorized override page here and added a little javascript and a <DIV> to it.




                        When you click on the Temporarily Override Filtering, you get this:


                        It may do what you want, it may not. But it's just an idea.

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                          I do know some html and this seems something I can do - i can format it to look like the block page above (on my second post) and make the collapsible information below the link. Thanks, i'll play around with this. Can the Authrized Overide rule do an mail notification?


                          Also, I was trying to disect the Site Review rule, it seems transparent on the top down list of rules except if a URL contains this "/mwg-internal/sitereview" from my understanding, then the rule applies. Is this correct?


                          Thank you again,


                          Jahad Suboh

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