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    McAfee Enterprise blocking my programs

      Hey everyone,

      I know this is my first post, and I dont exactly if I may post my problem on my first post.
      But I couldnt really find that cause i'm not English myself..
      So, I apologize for that.

      So here's my problem..

      I recently installed Windows Server 2008, om my desktop but couldnt find any Virusscanner that runs under "A server OS".
      Until I found McAfee Enterprise Virusscan.

      It works great for me, only there's one little problem that I cant seem to solve..

      McAfee is blocking ALLOT of my programs that run, when my pc starts up..

      Programs like Windows Live Messenger, Hyves Kwekker, and Xfire, and such like that.

      So the problem is: I cant sign in into Windows Live Messenger, OR Xfire...?

      Anyone knows how I can set up, that McAfee allows the access of these programs??


      Grtz Balthesar.
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          BUMP... :confused:

          Anyone?? sad
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            Just curious why you're running xFire and Live Messenger from a Server operating system?

            ON Windows XP, we've got a few using MSN Messenger and AIM and none of them are having issues from McAfee VS Enterprise 8.5i or 8.7i..

            Which version of VirusScan are you using and do you have it fully patched?

            Have you tried disabling the "On Access Protection"?

            Are you getting any errors when you attempt to log in? If no errors, does McAfee's On Access logs show you which programs are being stopped and why? There are "Exclusion" options in all the various sections of McAfee and you should be able to exclude those areas.. Tried that yet?

            Hope this helps.