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    i'm facing problems with MEG-7 installation.




      i'm installing the MEG-7 in transparent bridge mode for the first time. i need to know from persons who did this before if i need any thing except these steps.


      actually i removed the network cable from the Exchange server and connect it to the LAN1 on my 4500 appliance (LAN1 connected to the Firewall SSG20) and connect the LAN2 interface to the Exchange server.

      i followed the setup wizard (standard setup) and install the appliance in transparent bridge mode.

      below are the snapshots for both the network diagram and the configuration of the MEG appliance:



      the problem now is all emails are sent and received correctly but nothing are passing through my MEG appliance.. dashboards are empty and nothing can be done from my appliance.


      i need your suggestions please.



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          Hi ahmad.hasan,


          Are you sure there is no other path for the traffic to get to the Exchange server? In any case, you should be able to run a network capture (Troubleshooting / Reports) on the appliance and verify that you see activity through the appliance.

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            Hello mdnramos,


            thanks for your response.


            th problem is resolved after reinstall a new ISO image on the MEG-7 appliance.


            thanks a lot.

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              would you please let us know what kind of traffic is scan by device in transparent mode?


              As i can understand there is no configuration on Firewall and Exchange in transparent mode.


              so only smtp traffic is passing through Devices or all other network traffic is passing through devices.



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                In transparent mode, all traffic that you direct through the LAN segment the appliance is bridging or routing for will pass through the appliance. It will ignore all traffic that is no SMTP or POP3 (if POP3 scanning is enabled).


                In other words, if your appliance is sitting between your gateway and all the other machines on the network, the appliance will see ALL traffic coming through, but it will only scan SMTP and POP3. All other packets/frames are ignored by the appliance.


                So if there is another path in the LAN through which SMTP or POP traffic can flow, the appliance will not see it. This is dependent on the switching and routing settings of your environment.


                When you run a packet capture at the appliance you should see all this activity, if you do not see the traffic you expect you need to look at your network to find out which path the traffic is following.


                Hope this helps.

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                  thanks for your information...


                  But if all the traffic is passing through MEG in transparent mode. there will be an issue of performance of the appliance. because it wil check all the traffic and will take the SMTP traffic only to scan..

                  There will be a delay in normal traffic also... because if the appliance is busy it will keep the legitimate non smtp traffic in queue?         

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                    When the appliance is in transparent mode, it will not check traffic that is not SMTP or POP (if POP is configured). All other traffic is passed on, just like a switch will do. The concept is very much the same if the appliance is in transparent router mode, but this time the only difference is the OSI layer at which the appliance is working.


                    Can I emphasize that the appliance will NOT check or generate statistics for any traffic other than that which is built up for (SMTP/POP3).


                    Please refer to the MEG installation guide (section about deployment modes here).


                    Hope this helps.