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    Wishlist:  system.AddTag - in addition to importTag and exportTag


      Hi folks,


      It seems that right now there are only two tag-related API calls:  system.importTag and system.exportTag


      I am planning on using Location tags in ePO based on the user's IP Subnet.  (i.e. if IP Address = 192.168.10.x/24 then apply tag "Location:Topeka, KS") 


      We have 150+ offices with more added every few weeks.  I want to be able to export a list of newly-created office subnets from something like InfoBlox (or an excel spreadsheet), format them in ePO format, and then call the WebAPI to create them.


      Right now it seems that this will be difficult, since each Tag has (it seems) a unique ID.  I'll have to call exportTag, add the new tags (preserving the XML headers, and then call importTag.


      It would be great if I could just call an addTag API to add the new tag, and ePO would automatically increment it.  In the interim, I suppose I can just script a way to figure out what the MAX Tag ID is, and just go from there (?)




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