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    Enterprise 8.0.0 5505 Can't Properly Update

      I have been unable to successfully update since my PC was infected by several viruses which McAfee could not apparently identify and remove.

      Fir several weeks I would get daily warnings that there was a trojan and it could not be cleaned so it was quarantined. It seemed that the root problem was not being addressed by McAfee.

      So I added Avira Security Suite which found ASDY/WBug.A and HTML/Crypted.Gen. It deleted or quarantined and I have not had a problem since. Unfortunately McAfee will no longer properly update. If I manually update it goes through the steps (loading catalog z etc. Within a minute it reports successful update but when I go to the About Virus Scan Enterprise I still have the old version.

      Any suggestions about how to get a proper update and any better way to have rid my PC of the viruses?

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