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    Do McAfee support their products?

      I am a little frustrated now after over a week of trying to get a resolution after purchasing the McAfee Mobile Security the issue has been elevated from T1 to T2, to T3 support; and now I have heard nothing in over 4 days from them, even after repeated requests for information.

      From my limited understanding of what is happening; the problem seems to be a simple fix - it appears as though the mobile number that is registered against the purchase is too short to fit my number in - so it thinks the number is invalid, which it is not...I can enter shorter numbers, but not my current phone number.....so extend the field size!!!!


      I am right on the verge of getting in contact with the bank and getting them to cancel the transaction due to McAfee being un willing to provide the product that they have taken payment for....grrrrr


      Was I wrong to expect something as simple as prompt problem resolution from such a large player in the industry?


      Any ideas how I can get some movement on this??

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