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    Installer keeps freezing/crashing




      I've been trying to install McAfee Total Protection on my laptop (older dell model with windows vista 32-bit) and the installer will get up to the point where it is searching for incompatible programs, and then it just freezes and an error message from windows pops up saying it must be closed. Why is this not working!? I can't find a solution that has worked. A few days when I had tried to install it it detected some Radial Point program that needed to be uninstalled and I did just that, but since unistalling Radial Point the McAfee installer isn't working. Just as the installer is about to freeze, a bubble from windows security center shows up saying "Check your computer security: The Security Center service is not running. Click this notification to fix the problem". I clicked and it leads me to WSC, where everything is green-lighted except 'malware protection', which says PC-cillin is old and needs to be updated. When I click 'other options for virus protection', it says there is Norton and PC-cillin available but neither of those can be found anywhere on my computer. Not listed under program files or under the unistall tab in the control panel.


      Please help. This is starting to get annoying.