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    How can I find out, if a update is running?

      After the installation of McAfee SaaS (vssetup.exe) the client is updating itself, reboots on a windows 7 or prompts for a reboot an a windows xp client.. If this happens during a full installation of a workstation this might have unpredictable impact on any running other installation. With VSE we had the mcscript_inuse process running, that we could check. Are there any information about the state of the service and would it be possible to stop the reboot at a windows 7 client.

      Normally we are staging our installations and starting the next one if the one before is finished.

      Are there any possibilities to control the installation of vssetup. It's seems to running wild.


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          Hi tui4711,


          I have read your post. We are really sorry to say that there is no way to control the install via the Vssetup.exe.


          Once the setup is done, it will ask for a restart and then it will try to update the McAfee software to the current DAT date. You will not be able to stage the installs as it is a one shot install method.


          Staging the installs/controlling the updates could be done of Virus Scan Enterprise software, but this is Small and Medium business software which does not have such advanced installation features.



          Pritish P.