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    Is it possible a hacked web site to infect a computer?



      I using Mcafee Total protection and I am sure my computer is safe. However I have want to ask Mcafee.


      Recently on Feb 14th my blog web site got hacked. It is my own web site.


      There were few number of web site in India it got hacked because of some black hackers from other country hacking only .in web site.


      The title of the page was mentioned as "-= [3xp1r3-61 3xp1r3 Cyber Army] =-'




      When I view the web page it was shown some weired thing. Lucky it only created a page and did not steal or corrupt data. I restored backup of the page through my web host provider.



      Now browsing this kind of hacked page. Does it get infected any way on visitors computer or my computer?


      I did not get any infected notification. Mcafee program was working as usual.


      Now since it was hacked by black hackers, is it possible a visitor's computer can be compromised?



      I am sorry I don't have screen shot but I have saved web page. If required I can attach it later.


      Sorry I had to explain more.


      Thank you in advance,




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