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    VSE 8.0i does not update

      Hello everyone, we have several computers with XP pro connected directly to the internet (no proxy) with VSE 8.0i patch 15 that do not update anymore. I tried starting the update manually and I get the McAfee AutoUpdate pops up, it goes through the process in about 5 seconds, the following text is shown in the window:

      Starting update session.
      Checking update packages from repository NAIHttp.
      Initialize update...
      Verifying catalog.z
      Extrating catalog.z
      Loading update configuration from Catalog.xml
      Update Finished.

      Then I check the About... window and nothing was updated.
      the updater is configured to look in those repository (in order):

      There is no error message and nothing in the event Viewers logs.

      I apologize if this was dealt with already but I could not find anything about this particular error.