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    win32/PowerRegScheduler causes pop-up false advertising

      I have Windows XP and Windows Internet Explorer 8.  I was continually getting annoying pop-ups on the PCH game site.  The win32/PowerRegScheduler somehow snuck into my computer; however, it has been removed by Microsoft Safety Scanner.  I then ran McAfee's Stinger and it found no threats.


      The following information was obtained from from eHow.com:  A Powerreg Scheduler.exe is a spyware program that appears to be a normal scheduling program, but actually causes pop-up advertisements to appear on your computer, as well as collecting private information.  The program may also slow down the operation of your computer, and if not removed, could combine with similar programs to cause system crashes.


      I still have PowerReg Schedulerv2.exe on my computer.  It appears to be legit.


      If you feel any of this information is incorrect, please let me know.


      I'm really tempted to go back to the PCH games site to find out whether or not the pop-ups will continue; however, I promised my daughter I wouldn't. 


      Thanks for all your previous help that led to this particular pop-up solution.