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    Mcafee support- over 1 month on same simple ticket!!!!

      and I am currently on hold for 37 minutes waiting to speak to a human being so i can find out why tier 3 support hasnt calles me back in over a week. so frustrating. always get someone on the phone who barely speaks english. they dont listen and ignore the months worth of information - serial numbers, adroid ids etc. they usually pretend to look at the ticket and then try to send me simple instructions on how to download and install the product.


      the issue is that the mobile protection for android will not register (which you must do to use it). i have several android devices that it works fine for, but this one says that it was registered before with a different email. It is a new device and I don't have a different email. they spent a month asking me fornone peice of info at a time, disapearing then emailing me back after I ask what the hell is going on. at thatbpoint they would asknforone more peice. so far they have not done one useful thing and they dont seem to care one bit.


      anyone else had this super support experience? oh - also complained to there "executive" support complaint team or whatever they call it and they never responded. the whole companynis a god damn joke.