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    Error 1920. Service McafeeFramework failed to start

      Trying to install VS 8.7i on Windows Server 2008 (64bit) results in error:
      Error 1920. Service McafeeFramework failed to start.

      I have searched the forum and not found a solution.
      One KB article from Mcafee for 1920 tips about checking the date, and that is correct.

      (This is a fresh install, not a upgrade, the os was installed last week without any software except from microsoft update)
      in services.msc the service McafeeFramework does not exist :confused:

      We have tried running the installer with admin rights and without.

      I can press Ignore in the installer, but the service McafeeFramework is never installed and updates never work.

      I have tried about all options on/off in the installer (disabling on-access after install etc..)

      I have uploaded log files here:

      Kind of loosing faith in mcafee here.. sad