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    No Longer Able To Import Exported HIPS Policies (Since Patch 4?)


      I exported all of my HIPS 8.0 policies which included 100+ custom signatures in the IPS Rule policy, when I try and re-import them the ePO server goes through the motions and appears to import OK however my IPS rule containing my custom created signatures doesn't show. If I edit the policy .xml file I can see the entries for the custom signatures but they point blank refuse to import.


      The signatures and configurations were created on a test server with the plan of exporting them and importing them on to another identical ePO server. I know this has worked in the past and this may have been pre-patch 4, but to be honest I don't think I've tried it since our ePO servers were updated to patch 4, incidentally they are all running patch 4.


      So as a test today I have gone in and exported all my HIPS 8.0 policies to a file, deleted the IPS Rules policy and tried to re-import the file again to the same server and the IPS Rules policy doesn't re-appear in the console


      Any ideas on this one? If I have to re-create them all manually I'm going to be mightily ****** off! Not a day goes by without one of the McAfee products causing me grief!! :-)