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    Virus Scan hangs and everything freezes over


      Is it just me or is it cold in here?  Virus Scan will not run to completion. It gets as far as C:\\Windows\write.exe (at 98% completion) and then hangs. The computer won't shut down properly.


      McAfee Virus Scan Version 15.0 Build 15.0.294  Last update 16.02.2012  DAT 6621.  I'm running Windows 7 on a 32bit Dell Inspiron.


      Here's what I've tried already (over the last three days):


      Downloaded and run DELL System Mechanic and run all appropriate cleaning and repairing applications, including cleaning registry and repairing hard disk.


      Uninstalled and reinstalled my McAfee Security Suite

      Run MVT

      Run Virus Scan


      Contacted McAfee online support.


      Run the Repair utility on all Microsoft Office apps which might be corrupted.


      And now I've run out of ideas.


      Virus Scan still won't run. I suspect there is malware lurking in my machine but nothing I have run so far has found it. (System Mechanic performs a scan and it didn't find anything McAfee didn't find).  I should mention that I still have old.Windows on the C Drive (from when I upgraded from Vista to W7) - maybe there is a corrupted file in there.


      Any suggestions?