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    Update Now vs Scheduled Update ?


      We've got some PC's which experience quite severe performance issues during their daily scheduled DAT update task - to the extent that some PC's can become unuseable for up to 20 minutes or so.

      We've pretty much identified that on the affected PC's there's an over commitment of virtual memory which seems to be trigerring the performance issue whne the DAT Update task "kicks in" requesting memory.

      So far so good ? ;)

      The interesting bit is that on the systems which experience the problem every day - DON'T hit the problem if you use the "Update Now" facility to manually trigger the Update just before the scheduled time.

      So does anyone have any ideas about why the two update mechanisms seem to behave differently? (or any further info. or exoperiences of similar problems and solutions?) - I'd actually expect the "Update Now" to be somewhat "more traumatic" as it attempts to update more than just the DAT's..... :confused: