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    Cannot login anymore to SaaS - Admin Login! - attn. McAfee support



      I have SaaS Beta version 5.4 (latest) installed on 3 computers. Everything used to work fine in previous versions, however I noticed that it is not possible to login anymore from 'Admin Login'  menu.

      This happens on all three computers and I suspect it is related to ver. 5.4 upgrade.

      I am able to login though to McAfee Saas beta site (https://beta.mcafeeasap.com/SC/Dashboard/Main.aspxusing the same credentials.

      I tried to change my profile on the site, I changed the password, e-mail, no success...


      My only option now is to uninstall completely the software since I have no control over the configuration, firewall, etc.


      Please advise.





      on 2/16/12 9:58:01 AM CST