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    Virus Scan 8.8 slowing down machines with daily update



      Im having a problem where the daily update to the virus scan, where it dramatically slows down the XP machine while its going on.


      In our environment we have one main AV server which pushes out the updates to about 6 distributed repositories (all server 2003 boxes) in our regional offices, then at 1PM each day i have the update set to run on peoples machine (except for one office which has it when people log in). Ive set it flash up the box so people know its doing an update but while its doing the update the XP machines grind to a halt!


      Surely a daily update shouldnt big that large that it makes the machine unusable?


      On the schedule for the anti virus update is as follows:

      Stop the task if it runs for 10 minutes

      Enable randomization of 15 minutes

      Run missed task 20 minute delay

      It run Monday to Friday


      Any suggestions to speed this up would be great



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