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    EPO 4.0 and Sorting Criteria/Sync Types


      Our domain is split across 2 sites, so we have local EPO servers at each site. When setting up the Sync Type to be AD, we choose the OU that contains all our computer objects. This is causing a problem as we have the one main OU (called Computers) where all computer objects go, irrespective of site location.

      So when syncing SiteA or B with AD, it's picking up computer objects from both sites, which we don't want, as it will then try to push out agents/updates across our VPN link.

      We can't use the exclusions option as is, as I have said we have the one OU for computer objects.

      Is it possible to use the exclusions in such a way that we can exclude specific objects based on their computer name; our names begin with their location, so the London office PC's all begin with LON-, and the other office begin with SEV-. So could we exclude all objects that begin with LON- on SiteA and SEV- on SiteB?