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    Reporting Question - Aggregation Report

      Hi there.


      We had 3 reports (CSV Files) on our old ePO installation which were generated bei a VBScript connecting directly to the database. Now we upgraded to 4.6 and those scripts do not work anymore.

      2 Reports I can quite easly generate the 3rd is giving me some hadaches.


      First report is all systems that do not have the most recend DAT version. Easy

      2nd report is all system that did not contact the server within the last 24hrs (only servers, no clients so 24hrs). Also easy.


      The 3rd report is kind of a summary. It looked like this:


      Total Servers scanned:     xxx

      Total Servers offline:          xxx

      Total Servers AV down:    xxx

      Total Servers not Up2Date: xxxx

      Latest DAT Version: xxxx


      Can an overview like this be generated within the ePO reporting? Or do I need to get the infor from the database? Is there a documentation about the database schema available?