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    Hopelessly lost with ePO configuration after rebuild

      I'm looking after an ePO server that I've never used before, so not sure exacty what I should be doing. I've been reading the Product Guide and am still having trouble.


      Previously ePO was installed and it was managing about 70 Windows machines. What happened was that the ePO installation on the server needed to be reinstalled due to a server problem. It was reinstalled from scratch on the same server (not by me) with the same port settings (8080 for agent-server listening, 443 for secure).


      All of the machines that have the agent already installed (from before the ePO was reinstalled) display the message 'cannot communicate with ePO server'. I'm strugging to figure out what this means or how to fix it. Ideally, I'd like to know how to fix this centrally so I don't need to arrange for all the machines to be set up again. We assumed that provided the ePO was reinstalled on the same server with the same type of settings, it should work. I see that isn't the case.


      I can provide any info that's needed and appreciate any help in advance. Whilst I am an IT engineer, my background is not Windows Server or McAfee ePO so am feeling hopelessly lost!!!


      I've attached a few screehshots to assist.

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