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    Probleme with Subscription after payment




      I have paied  for one year activation, but everytime i turn my computer on (new lenovo with windows 7) i get notice that my computer is in risk.  When i try to push the activate butten it don't work. I have tried to follow the instructions in the website but i can't, because i even dont have the option to make the subscription as it is shown there (pressing the little sign of the application with the right mouse button and choosing the subscription option...).

      I also don't have where to phone call (i live in Israel witch have no support center) and there is no ability for communicate via e-mail with McAffe support center.

      Here are my order details from my email:


      Order #: CS1163987758

      Date: Wednesday, February 08, 2012


      AntiVirus Plus - 1-year subscription : $49.99



      please, if i can get help from any support representative it will be super!