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    How to scale dashboard monitors




      I try to scale a dashboard monitor in EPO 4.6.1 console. but I don’t know how. I can add, move and replace the dashboard monitors. If I click on the right bottom corner of a monitor the scale arrows appear. But I can scale L. Is there any trick for monitor scanling?


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          User guide says you can do this, but look out for the 'gotcha's'


          To resize a dashboard monitor:

          A: Drag the resize icon in the bottom-right corner of the monitor toward an appropriate location.
          As you move the cursor, the background outline of the monitor changes shape to reflect the
          supported size closest to the current cursor location. Monitors might enforce a minimum or
          maximum size.


          B: When the background outline has changed shape to a size you want, drop the monitor.
          If you attempt to resize the monitor to a shape not supported in the monitor's current location,
          it returns to its prior size.


          If it's not working as expected you are probably hitting oneof those limits.





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            thanks for information. Now it works.


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