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    How to remove Warning "Dangerous Site" Red Virus Warning: Yahoo Search, McAfee AntiVirus, Yahoo Search Scan Beta!


      Hi All


      Take a look at what happened to our site:



      Please see the screen shot attached at the top of this notice.radiomalaysia.JPG


      On 2-10-12, we were advised by one of our clients about the Red Virus Warning placed on our search results by Yahoo and its partner McAfee Antivirus.


      This partnership is called The Yahoo Search Scan Beta Program.


      Our site effected: Radio Malaysia Online





      I have been maitaning my website ( http://radiomalaysia.info/ ) for the last 6 and half year. Radio Malaysia is one of the best radio online at malaysia, I am  not using malware content, spyware content in my website since launched. For the last 4 days I found Dangers Site from Yahoo Search Engine. I am not able to understand why this message coming when open my website. Radio Malaysia has hundred of users daily. this warning will impact on my genuine users. So that I request you to suggest me how to avoid this warning "Dangerous Site" on my website.


      I am eagerly waiting for your positive reply.


      Thanks and regards

      Wan Arif  (peace no WAR)


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