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    Force install of modified McAfee 8.8i package over existing 8.8i package via ePO 4.6

      I have a modified McAfee 8.8i package that I wish to force install over an existing McAfee 8.8i package.  Pushing the modified package onto a workstation without a pre-existing installation of McAfee 8.8i is successful (or over a prior version of McAfee is successful, too).  However, the package will not install on a workstation where v8.8i resides already.  Apparently, the agent sees that it has the same version and does not check that certain feature(s) have been modified/disabled.  In my case, I had to create a modified package to disable the local "AutoUpdate" feature (there are no ePO policies which can be altered for this feature).


      It appears that I have the option of creating a task to remove existing packages of McAfee from workstations (and then using the deployment task for the modified package), but I'd rather the agent install the modified package over top of the existing package.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.