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    Aborted Downloads


      Hello again,


      This time I do not have a problem, but a question.


      What happens with a file, which I downloaded, but abort the download? Or -as an alternative- what happens with a downloaded file, which will not be deliverd to its user?

      Where do I find such files on the appliance?


      I aks this question, because I fear the possibility of an overflow of the disks and because I found no answer in the documentation.


      Thanks for your answers!




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          Hi Michael,


          I think I can answer the questions, but I would like to verify my assumptions internally before telling something that is not true. I will add a response asap.




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            Hi Michael,


            I think I have some more information now.


            First of all it is important if you are downloading via Progress Pages or Data Tricking.


            1.) In Data Trickling there is basically a direct connection which can MWG use to track if the client is still there. MWG downloads the file and has a persistent connection (the "slow download" on the client side) to control the client. In case the client aborts the connection (or the connection is aborted by a network outage), the persistent connection will break. MWG now knows that the client is no longer interested in this file and will cancel the download (and delete temporary files).


            2.) With Progress Pages this is a bit more tricky. Here you tell MWG that you want a file and MWG starts downloading it. The client refreshes the Progress Page every couple of seconds to get an updates status. MWG monitors those requests. If a client does not ask for the status of the download again for 90 seconds, the download will be cancelled and the temporary files get deleted.


            Note: If the timeout occurs we check if another client is interested in the file. If there is one, we continue and finish the download, if there is no client, the download is aborted.


            If the download finished the client is displayed a "click here to download" link. If I remember correctly the file is kept for 60 minutes and is removed from disk  or after the file has been downloaded by the client.


            I hope this helps. Do you already see the disk gets flooded with data? Basically the MWGs work identically for all the installations we have in the field, and so far this has not become a visible issue :-) But yes by default I think there is no rule that would prevent someone from downloading a 5 GB file 10 times and fill the harddisk/internet connection by doing so. I believe that the risk is pretty low since all requests are logged and a users behaving that way could get some trouble with his boss or the IT guys - anyway it is possible to monitor the hard disk space and alert if something odd occurs. Let me know in case you need more assistance here.




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              Hi, Andre,


              many thanks for your posting - I hoped for this answer.

              Here in our organisation we are downloading via progress pages because it`s more comfortable for the users to see a progress instead of standing "in the dark" like the older webwasher 6.8x did it.

              And I do not even want to think about the consequences for a user to start such a big download several times.


              Again many thanks for your support.


              Greetings from Wuppertal