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    Adding an EEPC user while off company network


      On a couple of my machines I have users that appear as "Unknown Users" to EEPC but when I look at the EEPC users within EPO it lists the same users as being authorized for those machines. The users have had to call into our Helpdesk and do an Administrative Machine Recovery to let those users through the EEPC pre-boot login. The users can then log into Windows. The same users have done this 3 to 4 times now and their user ID's are never added to the pre-boot login.


      I have port 8083 on my EPO server open to the outside to allow Agent to Server communications while off campus. I thought having this port open would also allow for policies to be downloaded to machines as well. Then those users would be added because I have the "Add all previous and current local domain users of the system" option checked. It seems as though that this policy is not getting enforced. Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.


      EEPC Agent


      McAfee Agent

      EPO Server 4.5.4 HF1 (Build: 1093)