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    What is the difference between epo user and a windows user?

      I have a couple of questions related to an EPO user and a Windows user in EPO.


      1) Through web API when we create a an EPO user - we have to provide username and password through the api.  But if we create a windows user then we don't have to create a password through web API. 

      What does it mean?  Does it automatically sync with Windows password or we have to invoke the updateUser method to update the password?


      2) In an enterprise setting what is recommended approach to create the type of the user EPO v/s Windows?

      Since in an enterprise all the users are using windows credentials should we create windows users in EPO using WebAPI or EPO user.  I believe Windows users is more appropriate here but my number 1 above is still a concern regarding syncing passwords.


      Any help in this would be highly appreciated.



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          Laszlo G

          Hi user2310, the only difference is that an ePO user is a lcal user (local means that user and password are stored in ePO database) but a Windows user is linked to Active Directory so no need to update its pasword as it will be read from active directory each tie the user logs into epo console.


          I think it will be easier for you to use windows accounts as you'll need to only remember your windows user/password

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            Hi ulyses31, Thanks for responding.  So related question is "If I create a user using core.createUser and specify username, WindowsUserName, WindowsDomain, then will it sync with existing windows username?"  and if yes then when I invoke "core.updateUser" then will it sync passwords with same Windows user?" I  think the answer is no but I am not sure.


            Or to sync with existing windows user linked with LDAP, we will have to use eeadmin.changeUserPassword method to change passwords and it will automatically sync with Windows Password.   Am I correct here? 


            Thanks again for responding.