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    Risky Connections

      Hope someone can shed some light on this issue . The other day when I was connecting to skype a box appeared and said I was trying to attempt a risky connection skype still connected no problem and i just clicked the x off the popup box . When I looked in mcafee it said risky connections attempted 1 risky connections blocked 1. I didnt really think much about it but today I looked in mcafee and to my surprised there was 9 risky connections attempted and 9 blocked I havent had a popup box saying anything to me. I have done a full scan and pc is clean. I havent being going anywhere on the web that I dont normally go on. So i thought ok I will visit everywhere I normally go and see if any more risky attempts but nothing is showing I cant understand and is me me attempting to connect or is it someone trying to connect to my pc? I rang mcafee and they said do a scan and if its clear then its nothing to worry about but this has never happened before.  Should I be worried that someone is trying to hack my pc? Can anyone shed some light on this please for me.


      Thanks in advance




      ps sorry if this post is in the wrong place if it is can someone put it where it should be