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    Excluding ServU-Daemon in PUP exlusions

      I have a legitimate installation of the ServU ftp server that has been deleted by VS 8.0i:

      2009-02-17 08:44:36 Nettoye C:\program files\Serv-U\ServUTray.exe ServU-Daemon(Programme potentiellement indesirable)

      In English , it means it's a PUP. I want to add an exclusion in the Unwanted Programs Policy section of VS, but when I browse for ServU-Daemon, it's not there.

      I thought that all the PUPs that VS protects me from are supposed to be in that browse list? The GUI says "Browse to select more files from the list of files that the current DAT file can detect", but ServU-Daemon is not there.

      Any idea ?