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    False Artemis!D96B20D66A27

      I've been trying for the past few hours to get the game ACE Online installed on my computer. When I finally did it, McAfee told me it had quarantined a Trojan, and the file was the game's application. The application in question is ACEONLINE.EXE. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Submit the file zipped as per



          When you get an automatic detection relpy reply to it changing teh subject to say False +ve detection and name of file and detection.

          In body say why you think it is safe and then post back here the analysis Id after you email them.


          In 3 days if no fix post back and I will get a tech to personally check it .

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            Wow, I came here to post about the ACE online executable. I have been having the same problem for over a week now and I have reported it everyday. The quick fix is to turn off real time-scanning and restore the executable.


            • Open McAfee Security Center.
            • Select Real-Time Scanning.
            • To the right select "Real-Time Scanning Settings"
            • Click the button labeled "Turn off"
            • An option box will appear with a drop down list for when to resume real-time scanning.
              • I leave it at the default 15 minutes because once the game is launched McAfee will not interfere.
            • Click on the button labeled "Turn off"
            • Click "Done"
            • In the upper right corner under Home, click on "Navigation."
            • In the Navigation Center click on "Quarantined and Trusted Items"
            • Click on the drop down bar labeled "Quarantined Items"
            • Select ACEONLINE.EXE and click on the button "Restore" (you may need to scroll down to see it)


            Use the following if you do not know where or how to find the restored ACEONLINE.EXE.

            • Click on the Windows start button.
              • you can try to find ACEONLINE.EXE using search but windows has issues with search
            • Click "All Programs"
            • Open the "SubaGames" folder then open the "ACEonline" folder.
            • Right click "Uninstall Ace Online" and select "properties"
              • The tab at the top should say Shortcut. If not, click the shortcut tab
            • Click on "Open file location"
            • Locate and Double Click ACEONLINE.EXE


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              Well, after hours of finally messing with it with a friend of mine, we pretty much just removed McAfee and installed a different Antivirus software. After that, the game ran fine. But thanks for the help in any case.

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                Valden can you submit it as the OP has jumped ship?


                Post analysis ID and I will get it fixed asap.


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                  I followed the instructions in the help document, but I have no idea where to find the analysis ID. I checked my E-mail and my McAfee account. In the Quarantined and Trusted Items the status is Sent to McAfee.

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                    When You email it (zipped and passworded password is infected) you will get an immediate reply with the analysis ID.


                    You may have to restore it from quarantine with Real time scanner off and then zip it and forward it.


                    If still an issue I have an other way

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