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    Stupid Question (s ) Regarding Location

      Been searching the net for answers but failed. Have asked E - Mail Support Team but they gave vague answers.





      The question ( s ) - Pretty Simple:-






      Stupid question ( s ) . I recently ran a scan and detected 5 viruses and successfully removed all of them!  But how do I check the names and types of all the viruses!?!? Also, where do I find out the locations of the viruses!?!? I am using McAfee Security Center by the way! Paid version!



      Please do advice and comment...........


      Have a nice day to you all =)


      Thank you ;-)

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          Not a stupid question at all.


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter (or right-click > select)


          Click Navigation at top right


          Scroll down and click Quarantined and Trusted Items


          Click those thread areas to expand them


          There you can either delete them, or restore them if they were false detections, but warning in that case they will simply be quarantined again unless you follow the guidelines here:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          (This is assuming the Windows software not MAC).


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            Thank you. Love ya' for that. I don't know why McAfee made it difficult to view them. it should be simpler. Norton, AGV, Kaspersky are so much simpler to use and navigate. Sorry to say it but it's true. McAfee E - Mail Customer Service is so bad. Took days to reply for such a simple question. They didn't even answer my question! They have asked me to buy a more expensive Anti - Virus from them instead. How pathetic! Maybe they don't understand my simple question! All of them are Indians. They don't understand anything. Why are all customer service representatives from all corporations are Indians???? Grrrr....


            Thank you, again, Ex_Brit =)



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              The best way to contact support is via phone or online chat.  Tech Support is contracted out to save costs and hence prices.   I'm only a volunteer here but assume that to be the reason.   Customer Service deals only with account and sales issues hence the sales pitch you got.  Technical Support is what you would want in this case.


              Anyway, glad to help.