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    need advice please


      I have been using outlook express for years- now I have to go to windows 7- what e mail program will work with McAfee?  will be installing windows 7 home premium 64 bit-do not want to buy outlook for 200 dollars just to get outllok mail- any suggestions? Thanks

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          Peter M

          At the moment Eudora, Incredimail, Netscape or Thunderbird.  Of course that depends on what you intend to use in McAfee SecurityCenter.  McAfee wont stop you using Windows Live Mail either but the Anti-Spam toolbar feature wont work.


          Supported Email Programs


          • POP3 – Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, IncrediMail and Thunderbird
          • MAPI – Outlook
          • Web email account with POP3 access



          Additional requirements for the Anti-Spam Toolbar Plug-In To utilize the Anti-Spam Toolbar in your Email client, you must have at least one of the email clients below:


          • Microsoft® Windows Mail or Outlook Express 6.0 or later
          • Microsoft® Outlook XP or later
          • Eudora 6.0 or later
          • Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 or later

                          Anti-Spam also supports, but does not provide a toolbar for, any other POP3 email client (without SSL) and web mail accounts.


              Also if you feel ambitious there are hacks available to get Windows Mail (Vista's successor to Outlook Express) to work in Windows 7 along with it's various connected services, see:  http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/5481-windows-mail.html?ltr=W


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                Peter M

                Moved this to SecurityCenter as more appropriate.

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                  Thankyou for the info- I would like to keep the spam toolbar so I guess I will have to choose one of the ones that support POP account, I like the spam toolbar- outlook express will not work in windows 7- I was told thunderbird is a lot like outlook express- most of my friends use g mail or hotmail- however I want to keep my security where it has been all these years. I hate to lose Outlook Express but 7 does not support it- Outlook does but it is expensive- what is Eudora ?

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                    Peter M

                    Yes I quite understand.  OE dies when XP dies in 2014.  Windows Mail was the successor in Vista which I rather like.    I use it and Incredimail XE.

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                      Is windows mail in 7 home premium or is it a download? I assume McAfee works with it-also incredible mail? Thunderbird will work with McAfee- also toolbar- I know its a download-

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                        Peter M

                        Only the Calendar & Contacts part of Windows Mail is present in Windows 7, there is no mail programme at all actually.  However because the basic Windows Mail registry entries are there, albeit deactivated, it can be reactivated through a hack as I mentioned last of all in my original response.   It's a rather complicated procedure to get all aspects working but the tutorial is pretty straightforward if one takes it slowly and has logical steps to follow.


                        The only Microsoft mail programme other than Outlook that officially works in 7 is Windows Live Mail which some like, I don't, simply because it creates a complete set of folders for each mail identity of which I have many.  If you only use 1 or 2 identities (email addresses) then it might be OK for you, but the Anti-Spam toolbar wont show in it until it is programmed to be so, if ever that happens.   It can be downloaded from Windows Live.


                        Vista was the last operating system to incorporate its own mail program, blamed partly on lawsuits against Microsoft from the Europeean Union


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