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    Auto renew scam

      I know there's been numerous posts on this subject but if just one person sees this and takes action I will consider my post worthwhile.


      Have been a loyal McAfee customer for many years and recently received my 'auto renewal' email ...luckilly my credit card had expired so they were emailing me urging me to update my credit card details so auto renewal could occur.


      it was only then that I noticed the renewal pice ...it was twice what I would have paid by manually logging onto my account and manually renewing.


      I then decided to check my account history and surprise surprise the 1 year I'd opted in to auto renewal (2011) the premium was double the ones where I'd done it manually and the same as 'auto renewal' was quoting for this years premium.  I logged onto my account an renewed manaully for half the price.


      Yes I suppose I should have realised this earlier but I contacted McAfee...I got the standard response that premiums fluctuate but in the end they agreed to extend my current subscription by 6 months free of charge...no one would admit that the auto renewal policy was designed to catch out those that didn't take the trouble to check.


      Yes they were quick to offer compensation but this policy really leaves a bad taste in the mouth....they urge customers to opt in to 'auto renewal' as it offers hassle free continuous protection ...what they don't tell you is that by doing so you will on average pay twice as much by doing so.


      Oh and I've made sure the settings on my account are now set to opt out of 'auto renewal'


      You only have to google 'McAfee Auto renewal' to see how many people are unhappy with this practice...doubt they will change it though ...just refund the people that complain and pocket the cash from those that don't spot it ..shameful !!

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          Nice find. Although, I bet admins are already looking at the resolution for this. Other than that, I'm quite happy with the security.

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            We Moderators have already brought this up with McAfee management and they are reviewing the whole process.   Right now Auto-Renew is by default on, and we argued it should be off or at least this should be pointed out specifically rather than hidden in the small print of the agreement you click OK to when signing up.


            Also auto-renewal charges the full rate regardless of any offers elsewhere on the website.  We argued that it should seek out the lowest offered price, again they are looking into that.


            Sorry you had a bad experience.








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              thanks ..appreciate your response and agree with your sentiments ...however this is not a new issue ,,,if you google it, it's been going on for years so I've some doubt that McAfee will be in a rush to change their policy.


              I really like the product ,but because of this issue very nearly decided to go elsewhere for my internet protection,,, in the end decided not to purely as it was far easier to renenw than start again.


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                Well all I can say is we Mods know it's an old issue, but getting the marketing department to listen is another matter.

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                  I also just found a $79.99 charge to my debit card for this product that I DID NOT WANT.  The same lame excuse of the auto renewal notice sent.  If you really cared about your customer base, perhaps you'd consider having the customers actually respond with a YES re-enroll me instead of this sneaky stealing my bank account that you do now.  Like others, I cannot wait to uninstall this product and will NEVER be a McAfee customer again.

                  Now is Corporate listening - doubt it!

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                    I trust you obtained a refund?    It is spelled out in the terms you are supposed to read when you first subscribe, however who out of all of use read those things, I know. 

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                      totally agree, rip off merchants

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                        one big rip off, i agree, manual renewal less than half the price!!!!!!!

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                          Yes, that's unfortunate and we have told them that people don't like it,, but marketing department make those decisions and it seems they don't listen to anyone.


                          However, you did agree to the auto-renewal when you subscribed, it always pays to read the small print.   You can turn off auto-renewal at any time on your account  page and even get a refund if you want.

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