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    AMCore Content Package delete

      Hi all,

      before day i delete "AMCore Content Package" in "Master Repository" And now I don't adding "AMCore Content Package" in "Master Repository" what should I do. Plase help me!!! Thank you

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          McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) automatically downloads a package called AMCore Content Package (AMCORDAT1000) from the McAfee CommonUpdater download site.You can find more information regarding this in KB51109.

            This package is listed in ePolicy Orchestrator as AMCore Content Package , and found in the download site directory structure as a folder called AMCORDAT1000.

          A dependency has been added to the catalog so that in the future, ePO will only pull this content if the Deep Defender product is present in the Master Repository. You can edit your ePO pull task settings to deselect this package.


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            Hi nayan007,

            Thank you for you answer. I delete "AMCore Content Package" from Master Repository. Now I need atach the "AMCore Content Package" from Master Repositoy. I started "Poll Now" from Master Repository, and fnished successfull. but "AMCore Content Package" is still not attached.

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              Laszlo G

              Hi Ümit GÖRÜR, I think ePO won't pull this package again anymore unless you have McAfee Deep Defender package in your master repository (AMCore Content Package is the content package for Deep Defender)