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    Unable to install VSE 8.7 P5

      Hi Friends,


      Am unable to install the VSE 8.7 P5


      Problem :


      we were unable to find the VSE product in ADD/Remove program


      Work around


      so we upgraded to VSE 8.8 P1 and we unistalled the product successfully after we tried to install VSE 8.7 P5 it throws error msg


      Why we uninstalled : we are facing continuous BSOD issue so McAfee suggested to go for VSE 8.7 P5


      Here with i have attached the error msg screen shot and mcafee installation log





      Windows 2008 R2

      McAfee ePO 4.5 With latest patch

      McAfee VSE 8.7 P5

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          Here are three error message that I pulled from your log (could it be a permission issue?)


          DEBUG: Error 2726:  Action not found: 0 and SetInstallationDriveGUI

          Internal Error 2726. 0 and SetInstallationDriveGUI


          DEBUG: Error 2836:  The control CheckBox on the dialog AlertManagerInstallation can not take focus

          Internal Error 2836. AlertManagerInstallation, CheckBox


          DEBUG: Error 2896:  Executing action InstallFilesFromTemp failed.

          Internal Error 2896. InstallFilesFromTemp


          A good tool to have in your aresonal is the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR.exe), which removes all 2005 - 2011 versions of McAfee consumer products (can not be deployed from ePO).



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            Hi All,


            Finally fixed this issue




            when we uninstall the VSE 8.7 P5 from add or remove program the product is nort uninstalling properly in Win2008 R2.


            Work Around:


            As per the McAfee support we requetsed and installed the VSE 8.7 P3 after that we installed P5 now the Pc is properly communicating with the ePO server ......


            Note : Reboot is must after the instalation of VSE 8.7 P3 after the reboot installation of P5 is getting succeed.....