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    VirusScan 8.8 UNC check


      We have a few systems that we are upgrading from VSE 8.7 P4 to VSE 8.8, but they fail from ePO. When I attempt to do the install locally I discover it's because of the UNC path in the environment variables and so I have to use VSE 8.8 P1 with the BYPASSUNCCHECK=1 switch.


      Does anyone know if there is a way from ePO to identify this failure (It doesn't indicate it in the agent log)?


      Even better would be to be able to identify these system from either an ePO query or using something else (Powershell maybe)?

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          I don't know about checking for PC's with UNC errors, but you could create a report to check which versions aren't upto v8.8 under Queries and Reports in EPO.


          I would duplicate 'McAfee Agent and VirusScan Enterprise (for Windows) Compliance Summary' report, change Configure Criteria under Charts menu to include Product Version (VSE), Add Product Version VSE under Columns menu.


          You can then email the report to yourself via task under Menu - Automation - Server Tasks.

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            We do that now, but the problem with that is there could be numerous reasons why a system didn't upgrade to VSE 8.8 (low disk space, incomplete install, etc).

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              Have you not added the switch into the epo command line of the deployment?

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                No, I was told by 1st level that this switch only works when doing a manual install and will not work form ePO and all the knowledgebase articles I've found don't have any information about adding the switch to the deployment task.

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                  Works for me..


                  you can always edit your default package like this...


                  Workaround  2


                  • This workaround is not endorsed by McAfee as it involves modifying the .MSI installation file in an untested and unsupported way.
                  • Editing the .MSI table using the Orca tool is only advisable for those competent with the technology.
                  1. Download Orca, the Microsoft .MSI Editor, from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/255905.
                  2. Open the .MSI file in Orca and locate the row in the LaunchCondition table where the condition is UNC_PATH <> “TRUE”.
                  3. Change the field content to 1.

                  This causes the condition to succeed every time and ignore the UNC_PATH variable.